Twelve-Time Loser Kevin McCarthy Signals Loss of Public Confidence in Republican Party


Kevin McCarthy is now an eleven-time loser! 
His credibility as a political leader and the reputation of the Republican party have been irreparably damaged while Democrats are looking solid & unified.
Representative Hakeem Jeffries is slated to become the first Black leader of a party in the U.S. Congress, receiving 212 votes from Democrats on eleven ballots and 211 on the twelfth—but right-wing GOP members of the House of Representatives have been intransigent in their opposition to McCarthy, resulting in chaos and disunity.  
It’s very obvious now that Republicans need to find another candidate for Speaker of the House.  McCarthy is a huge embarrassment for conservatives, and through obstructionism and grandstanding, right-wingers are destroying the legitimacy of the party. 
At a press conference on January 4, former US Army General Trent Kelly (Representative from Mississippi) criticized members of the Republican party who refused to vote for Kevin McCarthy. Trent accused renegade members of his party of demanding “unconditional surrender”.
During that press briefing the message from members of the House who have served in the military is that a minority of Republicans in the House are obstructing the process of electing a Speaker.
Committee assignments and work on critical intelligence and security issues are on hold. Foreign governments have been critical of the U.S. for the current chaos in the House of Representatives. Our reputation as an international leader is in question. 

Even some commentators on that infamous right-wing propaganda machine, Fox News, are nervous about the infighting in the party, and Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida actually cast his vote for serial liar and criminal Donald Trump! 

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After listening to callers to C-SPAN’s coverage of the proceedings in the House, I’m convinced this nation will never be unified as long as extremist right-wingers control the political agenda. These demagogues continue to call Democrats “socialists” no matter what they do. This type of mass political brainwashing will never allow for 

(Disclaimer: I am also a weekly guest on Jeff’s show.)

Late Night host Stephen Colbert took a poke at McCarthy and the Republicans with this hilarious video report: Twitter link.

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