The Problem with Partisanship


The problem with partisanship is that, no matter what good a public official tries to do for the country (as in President #JoeBiden’s #BuildBackBetter bill), the other party will always try to vilify that person and discredit their honest efforts to improve people’s lives.

The Founding Fathers were very afraid of this kind of insidious political rivalry. It all started soon after 1776, when the Federalists leaders John Adams and Alexander Hamilton began attacking Tom Jefferson’s Democrats as “dangerous radicals”.

Today the Democrats usually espouse bipartisanship while the Republicans eschew any kind of cooperation in favor of hyperbole, grandstanding, and obstructionism. Meanwhile, the Dems are accused of being weak and wishy-washy while the Repubs only scheme to take power from their adversaries and nothing else. (With help from a few Demopublicans who pretend to be Democrats like Senator #JoeManchin.)
And you wonder why Washington, D.C., is such a mess?

Now add the fact that money controls politics and you can see why the system works only for the super-rich while the rest of the nation stands by on the sidelines, watching helplessly as the middle class disappears and poverty increases. . . .
It also explains why only 40% of eligible voters bother to exercise their franchise – a right that so many have suffered and died to secure.
This is not “democracy”!

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  • Mark Taylor-Canfield has written for Huffington Post and is a nationally recognized journalist. He's also a gifted Seattle musician and producer. 

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