About Us

Democracy Watch News

Democracy Watch News is the global news service of the Democracy Watch Media News project, composed of 10 news services. These include our International Service and 9 regional services:

  • North America,
  • The Americas,
  • Sub-Saharan Africa,
  • Europe,
  • The Near East,
  • East Asia,
  • South Asia,
  • Southeast Asia, and
  • The Pacific.

The Democracy Watch Media News project focuses on nonviolent conflict, rather than on violent conflict, and a wide range of issues, events, people, and groups important for self-governance, democracy-sustainable public policy, and economic issues in the private sector.

Democracy Watch News International service Tweets & augments news @dwatchnews, which also feeds into our Facebook page. We also produce a podcast series, Democracycast, available in iTunes, Play Store, Tune-in Radio, Stitcher, and from other podcast providers, with more to follow.

Our 9 regional news services are arranged into three interregional service groups:

  • Democracy Watch Media News- Services 
  • 9 regional news-services, composed of 43 subregional services, and the international news service
  • International, regional, and subregional News Editors
  • 40 coordinating editors, 36 social-media editors, 1 international digital-data editor, and a chief-international correspondent.

Note: The international service is a distinct news service with its own staff.

Americas Services Group

Democracy Watch News North America, covers and augments news for Canada, Greenland, the Arctic, Mexico, United States overseas territories, and the 3 countries in the North Pacific belonging to the Compact of Free Association with the USA.

Our work continues to develop.

We are building a global network of editors, correspondents, and production staff to empower independent journalism and journalists in the rapidly changing news rooms of the 21st century. Contact dwatchnews@igc.org for details; all citizen and independent journalists are welcome. We also have 3 international teleconferences enabling interviews with guests and as meeting spaces for members of our news services.

Americas Service covers and augments news for South and Central America, the Caribbean islands, Antarctica, and the European territories in the South Atlantic and the Caribbean.

Eastern Asia and Pacific Services Group

See @dwatchnews_asia and @dwatchnews_pac in Twitter for news augmentations for East South, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific regions.

East Asia Service covers and augments news for China, Hong Kong, Tibet, Korea, Japan, and Mongolia.

South Asia Service covers and augments news for India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka. They also share coverage of Tibet with the East Asia Service.

Southeast Service covers and augments news, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Burma or Myanmar. 

Pacific Service covers and augments news for the North and South Pacific nations and territories. Coverage and news augmentation for Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau, as signatories of the Compact of Free Association with the USA; the state of Hawai‘i; and US-Pacific territories, are shared with the North America Service to provide diversity and breadth of coverage. Likewise, overseas components and territories of European nations are shared with the Europe Service.

For more on our history, see History of the News Service.