Are Billions in Untapped Oil Off Gaza Coast the Real Reason for War on Gaza?


Answer in Follow the Pipelines by Charlotte Dennett

The daughter of America’s first master spy in the Middle East, Charlotte Dennett, offers a different perspective on the wars raging in Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine based on decades of research into the mysterious death of her father after his top-secret mission to Saudi Arabia. 

Daniel Dennett was the head of counter­intelligence for the Central Intelligence Group (immediate forerunner of the CIA) when he traveled to Saudi Arabia in 1947 to determine the route of the Trans-Arabian pipeline and whether it would terminate in Lebanon or Haifa, Palestine. His plane crashed two weeks after he filed his last report.

His daughter has now produced an eye-opening book, Follow the Pipelines: Uncovering the Mystery of a Lost Spy and the Deadly Politics of the Great Game for Oil . Relying on declassified documents at the National Archives—and after suing the CIA for additional information about her father (who now has a wing of the CIA named after him)—she reveals that today’s wars have been triggered by great-power competition to control oil and natural gas. 

Follow the Pipelines takes the focus off of the Arab v Jew nightmare and dwells on the ultimate culprits that, over the years of endless wars, many people suspect but can’t necessarily prove. Her book does.

Israeli military hardliner (and Israel’s Defense Minister, 2013-2016) Moshe Ya’Alon stated in 2007, well before the first Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2009, “without an overall military operation to uproot Hamas’ control of Gaza, no drilling work can take place without the consent of the radical Islamic movement.”

Charlotte Dennett, an attorney, best-selling author, and investigative journalist, is described by Time magazine as “an expert in resource-based politics” and was recently included in Marquis’ 2023-24 Who’s Who in America. Dennett brings a unique understanding to the world’s hotspots, asking that world leaders and journalists alike look beyond ethnic hatreds and divisions—most notably Arabs v Jews—to those who have set peoples against each other in their divide-and-rule quest to control and profit from the most coveted resources in history: the oil that fuels the world’s militaries and the natural gas that fuels modern industries.

Her latest book is replete with a dozen pipeline maps, covering World War II to the present and showing how the distribution of fossil fuels via pipelines has resulted in military protection of the pipelines, often leading to war. 

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