In which our bodies are play-stations for misfired bullets


On the night of 20 October 2020, at about 6:50 p.m., members of the Nigerian Armed Forces opened fire on peaceful END SARS protesters at Lekki toll gate in Lagos State, Nigeria.

we only came out with a voice for change / for peace / with serenades flying out of our mouths / white doves filling the face of this country / 
as bullets strained our symphony 

sometimes it is a sin / to be a citizen in a country with a prize for bullets / for having an undaunted spirit / for saying the word change / for saying the word peace

picture this / birth certificates with bullet wounds / a night of crimson colours / lacerated lacrimal sacs dripping tears / blood / bullets / bodies flattened into shadows

that night / a .22 grinning in my right thigh/ exposing bone / colorless like my brother's face in the smoke of guns/ the vapor residue of his soul leaping/ out of a body wrapped in a bloodied flag

when the news came / the minister of mis​information​ / Lai said / we recorded zero casualties ​/ & i heard doors / closing / in his voice // maybe we are just bodies / learning the language of peace / & silence / making romance with bullets


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