Mark Taylor-Canfield from Democracy Watch News spent a week aboard the Arctic Sunrise as a journalist while the Greenpeace ship toured the west coast of the USA on a mission to raise awareness about the environmental risks associated with Alberta tar sand oil shipments from the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Greenpeace research predicts increased oil tanker traffic on the Salish Sea, Puget Sound, and along the Pacific coast as a result of proposed expansions to the pipeline which the Canadian government purchased from the Kinder Morgan corporation. 

Organized resistance to the pipeline has been led by First Nations in British Columbia and Washington State. The pipeline crosses reservations and tribal land. On Puget Sound these sovereign nations have joined with their allies among environmental activist groups to sound the alarm about the negative effects on the native Orca whale population which is already endangered. 

For this “Democracycast” podcast, Democracy Watch News Coordinating Editor Dean Edwards interviews Tulalip tribal member Kayah George and Greenpeace spokesperson Yanni Veronis live from the ship Arctic Sunrise on the Salish Sea.
Mark Taylor-Canfield gives his report on his experiences while spending a week aboard the vessel. 

Technical assistance on the podcast provided by Sally Gellert and Steve Barnes. 


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